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Faq's - Brent Security

Customer Faq’s

Answers for general questions

  • 01. What is the basic training I will need to work in the security industry?

    The security Grades E, D and C courses

  • 02. What qualifications do I need to register for a security officer course?

    You need to be 18years or older. 2) Have no criminal records. 3) Must be able to read and write (English)

  • 03. What are the Security course A and B

    They are for controllers, supervisors, management etc.

  • 04. What is the security course CIT for?

    For security officers who wish to work as Cash in Transit Officers.

  • 05. What courses do I need to open a security company.

    Security Grades E, D, C and B

  • 06. What is business firearm training?

    Firearm training for security officers, who will be working/carrying a firearm.

  • 07. Is the PSIRA registration process difficult.

    No, it is quite simple. And you will register after your training course.

  • 08. Where about are your shooting ranges?

    The indoor shooting rangers are situated on our premises.

  • 09. What do I do after completing my firearm training?

    You need to apply for a SAPS competency certificate, at the police station nearest to your home.